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Commitment to Safety and Excellence.

There are no compromises when it comes to service. Excellent workmanship is our policy. Our customers enjoy professional treatment and quality results at every visit. Talk directly to those that make it their business specializing in European automotive technology.

We will be happy to help you with all your automotive needs including:

* air-conditioning diagnosis & repair
* factory scheduled maintenance and service
* DOT safety Inspections
* Pre-purchase Inspections
* low profile tire installation and mag wheel balancing
* exhaust work
* cooling system flushes
* brake work and ABS programming
* timing belt replacements for all Audi and VW
* diesel TDI and PD motor work
* electrical diagnosis and repair
* tune ups minor and major
* offering a large inventory of parts at all times


Induction System Service

” A new solution to a new problem “

Is your Audi or VW TFSI sluggish,lazy or even performing as if the car has misfiring cylinders?

We offer a solution that can fix most of the TFSI carbon deposit issues, and get you on a maintainence schedule to prevent the carbon built up from happening again.

Direct injection engines are prone to forming oily deposits on the intake valves,unlike port fuel injection engines,where there is a constant spray of fuel into the port controls most deposits.With Direct Injection engines, the fuel gets injected into the combustion chamber,so there is no chance for the deposits to get washed away,hence were the problem lays with soot or carbon on the back of valve .

Call for pricing on this service depends on size of engine and vehicle type.


FSI Lifter bucket replacement

Does your FSI engine have 85,000-90,000km on it?

Have your high pressure fuel pump lifter bucket replaced. VW and Audi have encountered a problem with the FSI camshafts and cam follower that could lead to damage to the cylinder head if not caught in time. If it becomes worn to the point where it actually breaks through the follower it can cause damage to the fuel pump or camshaft. Replacing this follower as a form of preventative maintenance can save thousands on repairs.



“It is not often in this day and age we find people who take such personal pride in serving their customers and leaving them with a desire to continue to do business with them. Gene of EMW is one of those people. All the small considerations that Gene concerns himself with in respect to satisfying my needs are too numerous to mention, and this has secured my on-going patronage for the last fourteen years. No where else would I take my business!”

-Chris M.

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